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I am thinking that you either really want to know more about me, or you just got lucky. Well, either way I
aim to please, so besides photography here are some other things that interest me. Depending on your interests
you may or may not consider this a reward for being thorough, but if you visit all of the links below you will
get some real insite as to who I am. This page is chock full of links to things I like, links to friends, ideas and
topics that interest me and projects and organazations that I'm involved with all listed in no perticular order.


Mobtown George on myspace

Theodore Roosevelt

SUI inc.[sweee]

the velocipede bike project

Charmcity Rollergirls

Thee Unholy Swarm

Hampden Community Council

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

The Blue Lodge

American Motorcyclist Association

the Hampden group on flickr

solar energy

Elvis... sort of


Bicycle Designer − lowriders

Tura Satana

Find out stuff

Have Fun ... Be Lucky

Corradetti Glass

Bio Willie

church sign generator

Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Brian Greer's Tin Ceilings


get in to the metromix

mission media

The Senator Theatre

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey

Comic Artist − Paige Pumphrey


make Beer and Wine

the Mobtown SHANK

Mill Valley Garden Center & Farmer’Äôs Market

Zero Engineering

baltimore tattoo museum


what is enturbulation ?

Barnsley FC

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